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We are a strategic design lab with a focus on emerging technologies. We help innovators to discover opportunities for progress and validate innovative concepts quickly. Our hands-on research and design process takes the guesswork out of innovation.

We are working with innovators to discover the opportunities in, and the implications of, emerging technologies. The output of our projects can be anything; from a functioning prototype to a conference, and from a documentary to a service blueprint. Here is a recent sample of our work.

LEGO House: Experience the full potential of the brick.

Watch 'View Source - gearing up for Shenzhen' now

What is the future of the wood craftsman?

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recent activity

Opening soon: LEGO House. We got a sneak peek. event, August 2017

This fall, LEGO House will open its doors to the public. Four years after we joined this incredible project, we can finally show the world what we have been secretly working on. We were invited for the partner opening in August. To some of us, it was the first time we could see everything coming together - and it looked amazing.
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View Source - Gearing up for Shenzhen; documentary and publication publication, August 2017

Late 2016 we set out to learn how responsible IoT could be realised in the Shenzhen maker and manufacturing ecosystem.In collaboration with Peter Bihr (the Waving Cat) and Michelle Thorne (Mozilla Open IoT Studio) we produced a documentary, and a series of publications about the opportunities and peculiarities of this intriguing city. Now this project has a website.

Talk on IoT Design Manifesto at Path Festival, Sao Paolo talk, May 2017

The Dutch consulate invited The Incredible Machine to talk about their work at the Path Festival in Sao Paolo Brasil. Harm gave a lecture about ethical dilemmas in the realm of connected products.