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When IKEA inquired about what we were doing at The Incredible Machine a couple of weeks ago, we decided to practice what we preach. So instead of just sending an email with a pdf attached, we made them something to experience what The Incredible Machine is about: Upplever.

The Upplever is a playful, interactive pitch for our services.¬†Upplever, means ‘experience’ in Swedish (imperative mood), and that was what we wanted the people at IKEA to do.

Inspired by the archetypical build-it-yourself philosophy, we designed an unpacking and construction experience with a twist. Following the manual, the user would put together the product with the included bolds and tools, to discover that the rather nondescript block serves as a playful controller for an in-browser presentation about our company.

Unfortunately there is only one version of the Upplever, and that one is at IKEA Concept Center in Delft, so this little movie is all that we can share with you.

Funny to mention

At the very same moment Marcel was presenting our Upplever at IKEA in Delft, IKEA launched their own product, called the ‘Uppleva‘. Very. same. morning.

NOTE: IKEA did not commission the UPPLEVER, but merely inquired for information.