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Connecting things to the internet is what we do. Naturally our favourite office break time activity, playing table tennis, had to be connected too. We built a prototype that keeps score automatically and uploads all games to the web. Now we can keep track of all the games played in our office championship.

Wireless sensors in the bats and sensors under the table register the impact of the ball. Based on the order of hits, the system can determine the course of the game and register the score. The score and the data of the hits are uploaded to our game server, where you can see statistics for score, rally information etcetera for each game. (video after the jump)


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The doorbell is an obvious candidate to become a ‘thing’ in the Internet of Things. By connecting it to the web, you can always know if someone has rung the bell at your home. This can be useful if you don’t want to miss anyone at door.

We created a prototype based on the virtual doorbell app DingDong. Our prototype has a connection to your home wifi and communicates directly to the DingDong online service. When the bell is rung, you get a DingDong notification telling you there is someone at your door.

The DingDong was presented as an experiment at our exhibition during the Dutch Design Week. Visitors who rang the bell reacted either with total amazement or mild scepticism. Some expected the doorbell to have more functionality, like the ability to see who is at the door or the possibility to speak to them.

Our experiment has definitely shown its potential, but hasn’t quite solved all the issues around missing visitors at the door yet. To be continued…

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NOTE: Register for the seminar at Eventbrite (free)

— Someday soon, your coffeemachine will ask your alarmclock at what time it needs to serve your morning cup of coffee. Later that day, your phone will prompt you to open the front door for your cleaning lady. And after a game of tennis that night, you can evaluate your swing online because your racket keeps track of it.

We are at the brink of a new technological revolution where every physical thing around us can be enabled to communicate over the Internet. This can create new experiences and interactions with products that will make everyday life better, more convenient or simply more fun. Technology is ready, now it’s up to designers to find the added value of The Internet of Things for our everyday products.

With the exhibition and seminar, titled ‘The Day The Doorbell Rings You’, we want to investigate and contemplate how that day could be like. We aim to inspire designers, researchers and entrepeneurs to look across the border of the mere physical or digital realm and see the opportunities in merging bits with atoms.


The Incredible Machine and invited designers explore the possibilities of connected products in a series of concepts and prototypes. These prototypes can be experienced through actually using them. Expect a smart skatepark that knows which skater it is filming, robotic house plants that interact with people, the future of tennis, and the connected doorbell… that rings you.

Skatepark Area 51 Daily 11:00 – 18:00 Klokgebouw 51, Strijp-S, Eindhoven (right across main entrance Klokgebouw)

Seminar (October, 25th)

In this novel field of product development there are new tools to master, new thoughts to form, new rules to follow and break. We invited 6 experts: makers, designers, thinkers, dreamers and entrepeneurs to present and discuss their ideas, lessons learned, opinions, dreams, and expectations. This seminar is aimed at designers, entrepeneurs, researchers, students and anyone interested.

Library de Witte Dame (admission free) Friday, October 26th 14:00 – 18:00 Emmasingel 22, Eindhoven (as part of Puls12 by MadLab)

NOTE: Register for the seminar at Eventbrite (free)


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The term ‘Internet of Things‘ has been around for over a decade, and despite the anticipated influence on everyday products it yet lacks iconic examples that define the product category. This is an issue we face when trying to explain our business to people that are unfamiliar with the subject. With an upcoming series of pitches and presentations, we decided to attempt to create a concept that illustrated what we so passionately believe in. And, needless to say, we made it fun: the Carrera Mash, an internet connected slot racetrack. (video after the jump)


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Skateboarding is not only good exercise, it is also a pretty photogenic sport. Numerous magazines and countless youtube channels are dedicated to the art of capturing impossible moves and startling tricks. This artful part of skateboard culture was our inspiration to develop the idea for a skatepark that recognizes every skater and films all his/her tricks from stunning angles with cameras embedded in the skatepark. Allowing skaters to show off their skills through online social networks could inspire others to step up their game. (more…)

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We love hacking stuff. In fact, it is what we do a great deal of our time here at The Incredible Machine. That’s why we didn’t think twice before subscribing to Science Hackday in Eindhoven, part of the Dutch Technology Week. We had an idea for an internet connected playing field already laying around for a while, and because one of the themes was ‘Healthy Living’, we knew what to do. With Freerk Wilbers, consultant and former robotics engineer, joining our team we had all the skills necessary to make it happen. (more…)

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When IKEA inquired about what we were doing at The Incredible Machine a couple of weeks ago, we decided to practice what we preach. So instead of just sending an email with a pdf attached, we made them something to experience what The Incredible Machine is about: Upplever. (more…)

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After a month in Delft, we moved to our office in Rotterdam at Voorhaven 57. The building is located in Delfshaven, one of the very few old neighborhoods of Rotterdam that survived the WOII bombing. At the Voorhaven some prestigious agencies have their offices, so we set up shop in the right place. (more…)

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Last week we had a little party to celebrate the launch of The Incredible Machine. Family and friends from all over the country came over to Rotterdam for a drink and a game of ping pong. We started off gently with a bite to eat and tours around the building, but around 10 we dimmed the lights and had a wonderful time on the tunes of Ex-Vandals.

Thank you everybody for being there, your gifts, your party-vibes and see you again soon!